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Our software stack has a complete technical coverage and an outstanding efficiency while guaranteeing highest quality through software-driven automation.

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+ voraus.support (individual development service)

Individual or product-related consulting, development and service support.


Revolutionize Your Robotics with our operating system

Upgrade any robot, old or new, to the fastest, modern system with this powerful automation operating system. Operate effortlessly with a no-code interface and no restrictions.

A screenshot of Voraus Core with a pipeline of tasks for the FANUC robot.

Why Voraus.core?

01 / Compatibility


02 / Ease of Use


03 / Cost and Time Efficiency



Software / hardware extensions for the voraus.core.

Discover a comprehensive suite of enhancements for voraus.core, revolutionizing your hardware and software integration. With voraus.ipc, effortlessly deploy ready-to-use hardware extensions, complete with pre-installed voraus.core, for seamless implementation. Elevate your project’s capabilities with voraus.app //EtherCAT, offering a software EtherCAT Master with a real-time Python interface. Plus, accelerate development with voraus.app //maker, a user-friendly software tool designed for creating graphical function blocks with ease. Welcome to a new era of efficiency and innovation in your engineering endeavors.


Ignite Your Innovation with Our App Development Platform

Create functions and build components for an ecosystem and your own applications for any robot. Seamlessly integrate the platform in the UI or use it as a plugin for efficient programming.

Why Voraus.Pioneer?

01 / Efficiency


02 / Security


03 / Independence



Individual or product-related consulting, development and service support


Create and Execute in One Hardware-Agnostic Platform

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