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We empower companies to achieve autonomous automation by breaking down dependencies and facilitating the seamless integration of new technologies.


Our agnostic middleware software quickly combines robots, sensors, and AI-driven software to improve efficiency, all within an open, vendor-neutral framework.


Software-driven automation!

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Most efficient and flexible industrial automation

Inherent inefficiencies and vendor-lock slow down growth. With the voraus software manufacturers, integrators, and end users can easily create and execute solutions for all applications and optimize their entire automation in a most flexible, modern, sustainable, and efficient software environment.

01 / Development functions and implement applications


02 / Development functions and implement applications


03 / Development functions and implement applications


Our Benefits

Make your automation truly yours

Our software is easily accessible and customizable, turning integration from a daunting task into a seamless process.

01 / User-friendly


02 / Individualized

Break Barriers with Customization

03 / Accelerating

Fast implementation and growing efficiency

04 / liberating

Take control of your automation journey


Revolutionize Your Automation with our operating system

With the voraus.core manufacturers, integrators, and end users can easily create and execute solutions for all applications and optimize their entire automation. Operate effortlessly with a no-code interface and no restrictions.

Why Voraus.core?

01 / Compatibility


02 / Easy-to-Use


03 / Cost and Time Efficiency


04 / Efficiency



Software extensions for the voraus.core.

Want to extend your possibilities? Seeking more functionality? Take a look at our exemplarily overview. No limits

What are voraus.apps?

01 / //EtherCAT


02 / //robots


03 / //palletizing

Turnkey Solution

04 / //maker


Ignite Your Innovation with Our App Development Platform

Create functions for an ecosystem and your own applications. Seamlessly integrate the into the voraus.operator or use it as a plugin in your preferred programming environment. Unlock the full potential of Python and DevOps and experience software driven automation.

Why Voraus.Pioneer?

01 / Efficiency


02 / Security


03 / Independence



Individual or product-related consulting, development and service support.


automation and robotics / functional safety / image processing and AI / software architecture / implementation  / automated testing / …

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about us

Unmatched expertise in both robotics manufacturing and software creation

years of robotics experience


Steeped in a deep-seated legacy of hardware mastery and exceptional software prowess, voraus robotik forges a path to the future of automation. We are committed to pushing boundaries, defying norms, and bringing unparalleled ease to robotics.


Together with voraus robotik, venture into the uncharted realms of tomorrow’s automation today.


Unveiling the answers

voraus robotik is a deep-tech company from Hanover with a wealth of experience spanning several decades of robotics research, development and productization. We combine our expertise in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art software development and modern development methods such as continuous integration.

We help companies to automate their production more independently. We break down dependencies and offer everyone the opportunity to flexibly integrate new technologies and optimise production efficiency.
With our middleware software, robots, sensors and (AI-) software can be combined into a solution in the shortest possible time and iterated quickly in the long term. Software-driven automation!

No vendor lock? Open interfaces, open source and a microservice architecture reduce your dependency.

Vendor Lock refers to the situation where a customer is heavily dependent on a particular vendor’s products or services, making it difficult to switch to an alternative vendor without substantial costs or disruptions. This can be problematic for businesses seeking to optimize their automation processes because they may be limited in their ability to leverage new technologies or scale their operations efficiently.

With the voraus software manufacturers, integrators, and end users can easily create and execute solutions for all applications and optimize their entire automation in a most flexible, modern, sustainable, and efficient software environment.

Yes, voraus robotik offers a holistic solution that not only increases production efficiency, but also creates a basis for the integration of sustainable practices. From automation to adaptability and integration of environmentally friendly technologies, voraus robotik supports companies in realizing sustainable production.

  1. efficient automation: By independently automating production with voraus robotik, companies can not only optimize work processes, but also improve energy efficiency and reduce material waste.
  2. flexibility and adaptability: The ability to program in Python allows companies to implement customized solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of sustainable production. This could include the integration of energy management systems, intelligent sensor technologies or other innovative approaches to resource conservation.
  3. open interfaces and open source: The openness of the voraus robotik system enables the seamless integration of sustainable technologies from third-party providers. This promotes the use of environmentally friendly solutions that can help to minimize the ecological footprint of production.
  4. microservice architecture for scalability: The microservice architecture not only increases flexibility, but also enables scalable implementation.

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