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What we do

voraus, a pioneer in robotic software solutions, redefines the landscape of automation technology.

We demystify complex robotic processes and foster a future where automation is accessible, efficient, and customizable for everyone, empowering individuals and businesses to exploit the immense potential of robotics.

Our products


The powerful automation operating system that empowers robots. Upgrade any robot, old or new, to the fastest, modern system. Effortlessly operate with a no-code interface, no restrictions.


Create functions and build components for an ecosystem and your own applications for any robot. Seamlessly integrate the platform in the UI or use it as a plugin for efficient programming.


This online learning platform offers practical robot programming. Suitable for all skill levels, it provides interactive lessons and real-world applications.

Our benefits

With voraus, you can speed up your robotic integration and grow your capacity faster and more efficiently than ever before.

  • 85% costs reduction
  • 92% faster implementation
  • 100% user independence

About team

  1. We are the only software team with both robotic manufacturing experience and software creation experience in Europe.
  2. Steeped in a deep-seated legacy of hardware mastery and exceptional software prowess, voraus robotik forges a path to the future of automation. We are committed to pushing boundaries, defying norms, and bringing unparalleled ease to robotics.
  3. Together with voraus robotik, let’s venture into the uncharted realms of tomorrow’s automation today.



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voraus robotik provides the next level of no-code robot programming and automation solutions.

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